Sunday, February 06, 2011

I guess there's always next year...

If fan enthusiasm were enough to win a Super Bowl championship, the Pittsburgh Steelers would be riding home with their 45th consecutive championship. Witness the exhibit Whatever It Takes, just concluding a run at Carnegie Mellon University's Miller Gallery. The gallery hosted a Super Bowl watch party, and I went there to watch the first half of the game. I left to watch the (disappointing) second half at a friend's party, but not before posing in Denny DeLuca's amazing, unforgettable Steeler Room (pictured above). The pickle!

So, Pittsburgh won't have this championship, but there's always next year! Here we go... again. And in any case, in the words of the post-Super Bowl XXX Post-Gazette headline, it was "A Super Try."

The really bad news is that this is after a disappointing election season and in the middle of a brutal 1L year. There are enough good things going on that 2010-2011 isn't quite an annus horribilis, but the phrase comes to mind. All I'm saying is, this loss would have been a lot easier to bear if it were Governor Onorato and Senator Sestak paying off their good-natured bets to Governor Barrett and Senator Feingold.

But, in other, uh, news, I was on the news, both as a feature in the background of a KDKA story on post-game precautions...

... and as an interviewee in a Post-Gazette online video. (Minus two points for not proofreading and generating a bogus chyron.)

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