Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rhode Island Road Trip

I'm on a vacation with my family in Connecticut, where we've rented a cottage for the week. It's on Lake Alexander in Dayville, and is a very relaxing place. But one of the highlights for me was the chance to do my first interstate bike trip. I got a bit turned around but eventually found my way to the Rhode Island state line.

I continued onward, eventually meeting up with the Conventry Greenway, a rail-trail that was nice, even though the regular roads were in pretty good shape and bike-friendly.

It's in quite good shape. Someone has obviously invested a lot in this infrastructure. There were some bridges:

Finally, I arrived in Providence, and admired the civic architecture.

And nothing made me happier than doing a bike lift at the Rhode Island State Capitol.

I pick up again today in Providence and from there head for Newport, and on to Block Island on Thursday. I will have biked over nearly the whole state!

Edit: I belatedly realize that when I was living in Washington in 2004, I biked up the C&O Canal Towpath to the Maryland state line, so in that sense, I have crossed a state border on m bike. But I fairly quickly turned around to head back downtown into Washington, rather than making some meaningful visit to Maryland. So this New England trip represents a more enduring trip.

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