Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Snow time!

Snow-covered trail in Frick Park
Streets are for people, not just people in cars.
That's one of the rallying cries of bike advocates, along with the classic Critical Mass line that "We aren't blocking traffic, we are traffic!"

This Saturday in Pittsburgh, at least, it wasn't aspirational so much as descriptive. People with dogs and children in sleds took over many streets that are ordinarily crowded with cars, including Shadyside's Walnue. There were, in fact, cars going up and down this and many other streets, but as a rule, they were going slowly, and in the absence of well-shoveled sidewalks, many pedestrians were taking to the main traffic lane of the streets, where there was at least consistency.

Biking, for those of you wondering, was not advisable, at least in this part of town. On Friday afternoon, the blizzard had yet to descend, and on the tail end of my "Four Park Challenge" route, I paused to take a picture at the Highland Park reservoir. Happily, I didn't have to change a flat tire at this spot, as I had a few weeks back.

By Sunday, I found biking to be tough and not really any faster than walking, given the lack of traction (even with a new rear mountain bike tire) and slipperiness even when I managed to get going. Let's just say snow is actually pretty decent at cushioning falls.


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