Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I'm listening to WBUR's stream of Scott Brown's acceptance speech. A couple things:

  • This crowd will chant anything.
  • What was up with him talking about his daughters--"They're both available!"
  • Quoting John Kennedy about lowering taxes--not mentioning that they had been at 90 percent--to pay for World War II.
  • Brown says it's a good idea to deny the right to a lawyer to to accused terrorists. Good thing nobody is ever accused falsely, right, Gerald Amirault?
I love a road trip as much as the next guy, and I kind of wish I had gone to Massachusetts in person for GOTV, but I ultimately did the next best thing from here in town. I made a bunch of calls to the 508, 978, 781, 857 and 617 area codes in the past few days--probably 25 on Friday, 200 yesterday and 250 today, both from home and from the Pittsburgh OFA office. I'll be back down there again, for sure.

Anyway, it's a disappointing night for Democrats, and hopefully does not portend too badly for elections later this year. Until then, it's time to make Republicans actually filibuster legislation, not just threaten it--reading the phone book, no bathroom breaks, the works. Failing that--let's reconcile that mess.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Auspiciously Inaugural

Today is Inauguration Day in the City of Pittsburgh. I was just at the swearing-in of two new members of the Pittsburgh City Council and, at a separate event, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's inauguration for a full term.

There has been some drama at recent City Council meetings, and I do love me some pomp, so I was very excited to be able to show up for these events. I was excited to see it wasn't just a pro forma meeting, and the election of Darlene Harris as Council President was surprising to me, having read that it would be a contest between factions led by Bill Peduto and Theresa Kail-Smith. (I also noted that, in contrast to the practice in the U.S. House of Representatives electing a speaker, in which the candidacies are announced and then each member announces his or her choice by name, in this case they took a roll call vote with ayes and nays on the candidacy.)

So much parliamentarism made me think back to the good ol' days on Hanszen Cabinet. Or better yet, my days as president of the Rice Young Democrats. (On that note, allow me to observe that I was evidently elected "President Forever," which, I am amused to observe, is not necessarily the same as "president for life.") Motion to adjourn? Second?

There's a reception tonight, and if nothing else, I anticipate free snacks and a chance to pass out business cards. (I always say that since I had 250 of them made up, I had might as well pass them out.)

Off to the party!

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