Saturday, September 12, 2009

On to Ghana

I've arrived in Ghana now, in the historic Asante capital of Kumasi. It's an interesting town, quiet by night (I arrived very late last night) and bustling in mid-afternoon, especially in the Kajitia market area. Everything is in English, at least on mastheads and other written areas, in marked contrast to my last 5 weeks. I found myself saying "Ça va" to guys on the street who greeted me, as one does in French-speaking West Africa. Another Ghanaian walked past me saying, slightly amusedly, "White man." I guess I can't disagree...

This morning I awoke around 7:00 a.m. to a marching band (heavy on the brass) playing some tunes I recognized, including Maccabeus (or is it the Sullivan tune to Thine Be The Glory?). Turns out it was a school group associated with a Presbyterian church. I saw them marching later, including with Scottish-style caps.

Needless to say, pictures of this, and everything else, as well as more text on everything, will be available once I'm back home: Sunday in a week, September 20! I'm really enjoying travel and meeting new people, especially Peace Corps Volunteers in various countries--I'm surrounded by Ghana PCVs at the moment--but am looking forward to coming back and just relaxing and being on my own turf again. And riding my bike around for the last few weeks of good weather!


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No mention of my birthday? Honestly?! It's not just a National holiday, it's an international celebration.

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