Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not-so-hungry hippos

There's a group of American Rotary members here in Niamey this week, and I've been living not-so-vicariously through them. They're here on a trip to inaugurate some wells they sponsored to provide reliable drinking water to people in the villages where they're located.

We stopped first to see the mayor of Torodi, a village about an hour's drive southwest of Niamey. We also stopped to have a look around a health clinic there.
I was amused to see a faded Peace Corps logo painted on the gate to some kind of compound; it seems that there had been a regional sub-office there at some point.
Finally, they stopped at some wells in the area that they had sponsored in a previous year, to see how they were doing. While we were there, some locals came by to get some water and we posed for a picture.
They're also here to see what there is to be seen, with an expedition yesterday a few miles up the Niger River to see hippopotami in their natural environment.That was quite a treat. We started by getting into a large canoe with an outboard motor.

And soon enough, saw some hippos! They were not super photogenic.

We also got off the boat at a small village to walk around.

In this village, there were, inexplicably, lots of bats.

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