Friday, August 21, 2009

Niger sejourn

I've arrived in Niger! Sitting in the Peace Corps office in Niamey, which in many respects is like the Peace Corps office in Tegucigalpa, except they call it a bureau rather than an office for the most part and it has Zarma and Hausa language materials, not Spanish-learning books. As they say, Le plus ça change ... le plus c'est la même chose. Or, I'm told, that's what one sixth of Nigériens would say, since that's the proportion that speaks French. That's right, Nigériens, not to be confused with Nigerians.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to exploring Niamey. I've already got a tentative agreement to have another PCV show me around on bike (it will be my first sub-Saharan biking experience, since I took a spin with Cindy Berning in Morocco for my first African ride) and am obviously looking forward to that.

Photos will come later. Email me to request photos of any certain aspect of the trip!

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