Thursday, August 20, 2009

Better late than never

Traveling, I'm not online as much as I am at home, and certainly not enough to post all the funny things that happen. So here are some Facebook status updates that never made it online, and it's too late now:

  • is pretty sure the immigration officer in France didn't look at the passport picture, just stamped it.

  • has only been outside for 10 minutes and is sweating already.
  • has some ideas for names for the camel burger at CafĂ© Clock in Fes: McCamel, McBerber, the Berber Burger, the Two-Humper Quarter-Pounder with Cheese...

They need some work, but I figure it's too good to pass up this chance to update you on what might have been if I'd had a Facebook or Twitter interface handy.


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