Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Rolling on a rickshaw

For a few weeks now I've been working occasionally with Green Gears Pedicabs here in Pittsburgh. Mostly I've been working on the North Shore, Downtown and the South Side (map) where (mercifully) it's pretty flat. I did climb Rialto Street (with a 25 percent grade) yesterday, but that was on a "standard" bicycle, not a pedicab (which weighs probably 4-5 times as much, before passengers' weights are included.)

So far I've had a pattern of an early evening event in the PNC Park/Heinz Field area (a Pirates game the first time, the Independence Day and Regatta festivities the second) and then moving over to East Carson Street and ferrying people around between 10th and 28th Streets. It's a good job and fairly lucrative--for what it is. It's certainly not a full-time position (I don't think there's much of a market on weekdays) and my legs are dead tired after pedaling for over eight hours. Still, I'm getting paid to ride a bike, and as I tell my customers, there's no need to belong to a gym with a job like this. I'm thinking of putting together a narrated tour for the downtown area and marketing it to out-of-towners, or locals, for that matter.

So hop in if you need a ride!

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