Monday, May 04, 2009

Last night

There's a big United Van Lines truck on the street outside the house now, with about half our stuff in it, the other half in boxes inside the house. We've been anticipating this for a while now, and our wait is almost over.

A number of people from our church threw a terrific party on Friday night, and we've been making the social rounds for a few weeks now. Having said goodbye to most folks, I feel we need to get going to avoid the "aren't you gone yet?" syndrome.

I feel like I've moved a lot in recent years--in and out of dorm rooms, various rooms and houses in Peace Corps--but moving an apartment is a much smaller task than a full-fledged house. Just a little note to self there.

I've got an LSAT class tomorrow night, but will drive all day Wednesday to Pittsburgh. Only a few hours left here.


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