Thursday, May 07, 2009

Just in time

Something strange started happening to me in my last week in Chapel Hill: I started running into people. It didn't happen that often, but I did see someone from the compline choir at the Orange County dump, a Chapel of the Cross parishioner on the street and someone else at the post office, not to mention the faces I started to recognize in different places, having been now for the first time in Chapel Hill long enough to be a consistent patron at various establishments--does that make sense? So the phenomenon I so enjoyed on visits to Pittsburgh started to present itself in this other context, but only as I'm heading out on other trajectories.

I'd say it's just my luck, but I actually have had a lot of very good luck recently. So let's say I've been lucky to get to know so many people in North Carolina, and will be able to meet even more people in Pittsburgh.

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