Friday, May 22, 2009


Sometimes life just goes a little easy on you.
-- Evan Sanchez, January 2009

  1. Pittsburgh: the more things change, the more they stay the same. It's a great place for biking, I'm rediscovering. (In German, would that be Fahrradort?)
  2. Baltimore: more to it than just The Wire, though those kinds of neighborhoods exist, too. They've got great bluegrass music in unlikely places.
  3. Washington: more fun with time to enjoy't. The view down Pennsylvania Avenue still gets me every time.
  4. Philadelphia: Terry Gross sighting! Also, Cézanne, the Mütter Museum and Eastern State Penitentiary were all worthwhile--if pricey.
  5. Me: I know I should plan ahead more, but continue to learn all the wrong lessons.
  6. New York: I know a guy who knows someone who knows Judah Friedlander (not to be confused with Saul Friedländer) and Dave Attell, both of whom I saw Tuesday night. Joke of the week at cash-only establishments: "No American Express--but do you accept Metrocards?" And, as I mentioned elsewhere, Fleet Week is prime time for violation of hte no-white-pants-before-Memorial-Day rule.
Next: New Haven. Pictures later. (Careful readers of the blog will notice that I've put up some pictures in those places where I have said that. Impatient readers of the blog can email me and/or leave comments where they especially want visual details of my exploits.)

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Blogger Hellen 起帆 said...

re: #1, really? I know several people who tried to exercise the Chinese tradition of biking and ended up with feet underneath trucks in Pittsburgh. Maybe things are changing...

11:53 PM  

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