Monday, March 30, 2009

Choir wire

I've been singing in The Chapel of the Cross' compline choir since mid-November. It's a neat small group with mostly low-key repertoire, doing many pieces often enough to be semi-memorized. Which came in handy last night when the power went out last night. (The nave is darkened, but we have lights clipped to our music stands to help us see the music.) But, in a commendable-if-I-do-say-so-myself turn of events, we keep singing through the blackout, turning, resourcefully, to the LCD goodness of our various cell phones. It helped that we were able to keep going on autopilot for a few notes, having (a) looked ahead as we read and (b) gotten to know the piece (a Nunc Dimittis by Healy Willan) over the course of several months, or years for some of us. We continued for the balance of compline by cell-phone light, and the source of the blackout remains unknown to me.

Also, in the "senior choir," one guy was passing notes during evensong of the score of the UNC basketball game. Seems he was checking on his Blackberry for the final minutes of an NCAA tournament game (inconveniently scheduled to overlap our Lenten choral evensong) and getting the word out to other fans in the choir. Happily, the game was over by the time we started singing our Bach cantata and everyone was able to devote his or her energies to the task at hand.

Not for nothing do they call it March madness.


Blogger Lyn F. said...


I bet I know who that was!!! I miss singing with the Senior Choir. :(

Just FYI - I keep a running list of the pieces we've sung at Compline at my blog, Organ-ic Chemist.

Nice chatting with you tonight. :)

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