Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Countup with Ian Everhart

(Countdown seems to have been taken by some guy on MSNBC.)
  1. Employment! I'm back working at the law firm (Glover & Petersen, P.A., for those of you playing at home) where I was for summers during college. So my "sabbatical," which began in early November, officially ended in late January.
  2. Moving! My parents are moving (back) to Pittsburgh in the next few months and the house in Chapel Hill is currently on the market. Mention this blog posting and you get 5% off! Look for us in Shadyside around June.
  3. Obama! He is still the president, and gave a great speech tonight. I looked in vain for a watch party (until I found one at Duke, about 20 minutes before it was going to start) but my mom, dad and I had a great time applauding Obama and yelling at Bobby Jindal through the TV. (I don't think he heard us.)
  4. Law school! I seem to have missed the boat for admissions for fall 2009 (I was doing other worthwhile things) and now am looking at fall 2010, at least. So I'm occasionally looking at LSAT prep books and other such fun items in my now more limited free time.
  5. Beer-Bike! I'm going to be at Beer-Bike next month (March 19-23), and am looking forward to it tremendously. See you all there!

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

One good celebration deserves another

Two big events this year! Between the inauguration and the Steelers Super Bowl win #6, there's been a lot to celebrate. And look at the similarities in celebrations: a parade for Obama, a parade for the Steelers. Around 1.8 million for Obama, 350,000 for the Steelers--Pittsburgh football fans seem to turn out more heavily than the average Obama supporter, though there's a stronger geographic concentration for the Steelers, I'd say.

Anyway, it's been a good year so far--let's see what the next big, good, great thing is!

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