Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pass/fail: TRIP 0109

I'm just wrapping up some five days in New Haven, and I had a pretty good time. I toured a number of the Yale museums, even though some of them had floors closed off that I really wanted to see. (I also saw the K of C museum, which inexplicably had no exhibits about Colonel Sanders!) I saw Paul ("BGP") and Sarah from Peace Corps and hung out with them, as well as other folks I knew more or less directly. I looked at New Haven/Yale architecture, played in the snow, and impersonated a Yale student (again!).

But I had three big failures!
  1. No pictures! I had pictures of a lot of this stuff, and maybe I should have taken some more but ultimately I didn't.
  2. No law school! I was hoping to get a reading on the situation at Yale Law School, perhaps talking to some current law students, but YLS operates on a baffling schedule and the students are mostly out of town.
  3. All aboard! Except me. I missed the 11:57 train to New York by about two minutes, and will be on the 12:57 instead. Unless I write too much here and miss that too. But I am going to make it there, so I'll make it anywhere.

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