Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ian went down to Georgia

I just couldn't get enough campaigning in before the general election so I came to Atlanta for seconds. (Looks like that door I hit at 7:20 p.m. in Akron on November 4 wasn't my last for this cycle.) Jim Martin is in a runoff election for the U.S. Senate and I'm helping out with the final push to get people to vote. It's a weird situation since runoffs invariably have lower turnout than regular elections, and it's said to be very close.

Some fun quotes from the past few months while I've been canvassing at voters' houses:
me: [interrupting a flow of vitriol from an annoyed canvassee] Um, ok then, you have a nice afternoon, sir.
him: You have a rotten afternoon!
-- Akron, November 1, 2008

me: [as {voter} opens the door]: Hi, my name is Ian; I'm a volunteer with the Jim Martin for Senate campaign...
him: Oh, get out of here with that bulls***.
-- Atlanta, November 29, 2008

me: ... Great, and remember to bring ID with you when you go to vote.
voter: Fo' sho'.
-- Atlanta, November 29, 2008
GOTV (Get Out The Vote) operations are a lot of fun, especially when they involve hopping in and out of a car dropping off door hangers. So I've been enjoying myself and finding myself working 12 hour days again. Such is the campaign life.

A large proportion of the people working here are organizers and staff from Ohio, many of whom I recognize and know from my time there. It's like a reunion for us, doing more of the same stuff. Lots of fun so far, except for sore feet after a long day knocking on doors.

We'll see how it turns out Tuesday night!

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