Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some pictures

Things happen to me from time to time and I often like to document them with pictures so without further delay, here is some visual evidence of my life.

I turned 24 a few weeks back and my wonderfully generous Peace Corps colleagues Kate and Brody Weber threw baked me a birthday cake. Astute observers will note that my initials, IBE, are spelled out with exactly 24 chocolate chips. I was given a large piece of cake to take with me, which I did, but then left it in the refrigerator of these gringos living in La Campa, so it was lost, to me at least.

I said goodbye to people in San Manuel on August 27, including Asunción the municipal treasurer, one of the more competent people I dealt with, shown here helping some citizens with their financial questions.

On my last morning in San Manuel, August 28, I saw this woman outside Angélica's comedor sweeping the dirt. Not sweeping up the dirt or sweeping it off from some surface, but just sweeping the dirt on the dirt road from one place to another, nearby, place. There has got to be some metaphor for international development work in there somewhere.

This is me right before closing the gate to my house for the last time.

My friend from JICA helped me take some of my things from San Manuel to Santa Rosa and let me pose for a picture in the truck, as if I were driving.

There will be more to come, including more pictures from my last weeks in Honduras, once I have the time and motivation to put them online. Huzzah for high-speed Internet!

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