Saturday, September 27, 2008

Campaign in Columbus

I got into Columbus yesterday morning to work with the Ohio Democratic Party's Youth Vote Corps from now until Election Day. So far it's looking to be great fun except for occasional long hours. My legs hurt now because I walked around about five and a half miles yesterday since (a) I hadn't figured out the bus system yet and (b) it was a lovely day and perhaps most importantly (c) I didn't check the scale on the map and didn't fully appreciate how far it is to walk 4 miles.

We're based in the ODP headquarters, which as far as I can tell was at some point a church. I mean, what kind of office building has funky 1970s-era stained glass windows (not visible in this picture), a (now-converted) gym in the basement and signs for the "Fellowship Hall" and "Music Room"?

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Blogger Hellen 起帆 said...

good luck working in the grass root! get a bike la~~~


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