Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Nota bene

One of my joys of being in the Peace Corps is the ample time afforded me to read. I only sometimes take advantage of this opportunity, especially if I have a new set of DVDs to work through. Anyway, the Peace Corps administration has procured for all Volunteers--worldwide, as I understand it--subscriptions to Newsweek magazine. Newsweek sometimes is a bit conservative, always comes at least a month late, and the Good Life section without fail highlights some of the most disgustingly opulent items avaiable in the Western world. (Though I do see how, in the days before the Internet, CNN en Español (or Inglés, for that matter) or cell phone towers, this subscription could be a vital link for PCVs to the outside world. I once commented, before San Manuel got a cell-phone tower, that North Korea could have detonated a nuclear weapon in Manhattan and I wouldn't hear about it until I went to Gracias.)

But I also, from time to time, have gotten my hands on other publications. Sent from home, brought back from vacations or given away by other Volunteers (who no doubt had them sent or brought them back), I've seen a fair number of The New Yorkers, The Atlantic Monthlys and occasional copies of The Economist, Harper's, Time and Foreign Affairs.

While reading a "recent*" issue a few months back, I was surprised to see the author of a movie review was David Denby. David Denby? He's an actor in The Office, right? You're telling me that Roy Anderson from the warehouse is moonlighting with The New Yorker?

Ah, but reviewing The Office's credits recently, I realize that the actor is David Denman, not David Denby. So that's probably a totally different person.

* Recent here probably means it was from mid-2006 to late 2007. While I know it's not true and doesn't hold across the board, in some major sense time has stood still for me since June 2006, when I came to Honduras.



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