Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another one rides the bus, or not

Well, today I did something I haven't done since I've been in Honduras: I missed the bus. Actually, I guess you could say I missed it coming back from site visit in September 2006 (it left 5 minutes before the scheduled time) and I missed the bus to Yorito in December 2006 on the way to Tom's (I thought there would a bus leaving later than 1 p.m., which, there were not). But I really missed it today, because (to be mature and blame myself) I spent too long at the Internet café and then went to get lunch and stop at the pharmacy when I didn't really have time to do it, or because lunch took way too long (I waited about 10 minutes to get a lunch that usually takes 2 to prepare) and the phamacy didn't have my order ready that I had emailed about yesterday, to be an unsympathetic character and blame external factors.

The mayor of San Manuel is in town, though, and he's going back up later today and will take me, so that kind of works out. Another upshot is that I get another hour online, of which I am happy to take advantage. But I had a backpack and some shopping bags on the bus which I am now not riding, as well as a big water bottle, so I have been kind of scrambling to get people there in San Manuel to take care of it for me, which, amazingly, seems poised to work out. I guess I have the right people's numbers programmed into my phone.

I do a lot of things here that could turn out badly (any bus ride carries the potential of a crash, as does every time you get in a car anywhere in the world, for that matter) and have gotten very lucky to date. Today, I threw snake eyes when I needed a seven, but it was a small stakes game. Yes, I am the archduke of metaphors.

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