Saturday, May 03, 2008

Great day

I'll interrupt this recounting of the events of March 28 - April 5 to note that today/yesterday, May 2, I had an absolutely wonderful day. Everything went my way, pretty much, and I've been in a terrific mood. To wit:
  • The good times started yesterday when I went to La Campa to help Ellen with a computer problem at her computer center. I popped some RAM chips in and out and reformatted the drive, but I couldn't fix the problem (nor even diagnose it) but the staff arranged for a thank-you lunch for my efforts anyway. And Ellen, an excellent baker (mistress bakeress?) had banana-chocolate chip muffins to give away. I got a jalón about halfway back to San Manuel, and then, in an Ascension Day miracle, the bus was not way overloaded; by contrast, there were even seats empty!
  • I came back into Gracias and Santa Rosa to get some medical supplies today (Friday) and after a fairly (but not disgustingly) full bus ride, I got another jalón to Santa Rosa within ten seconds of arriving at my favorite spot.
  • One of my randomly met travel companions in the back of the pickup truck left behind her cell phone when she got out, so I was able to return it to her later in the evening after calling the most recently dialed number to explain the situation. Makes me feel good about doing the right thing.
  • I got to see my friends Kate S., Sean and Shannon serendipitously on the streets in Santa Rosa, without any particular planning or foresight put into the rendezvous. (I love chance meetings; the many times nothing significant happens makes the occasions when something neat does happen makes it just that much cooler when it does.)
  • My hair was getting dangerously shaggy and I was glad to get a much-needed haircut.
  • I opened a new bank account which, if I've understood the terms and conditions correctly, will pay me a rate of interest easily ten times what I'm currently receiving. On a deposit of $250, I should be getting $6-7 every month. Just for leaving it in the stupid account!
  • I got my medicines, huzzah for anti-allergy pills!
  • I saw and said goodbye to Paul who is heading out in the next few days. His apartment was pretty bare and I was able to relieve him of some random items in his "up for grabs" box.
  • Paul and I had good times in one of Santa Rosa's department stores when he was looking to buy a new piece of luggage, but the one he wanted had a wheel that was messed up. I was able to fix it but it broke again (a reinforcing plastic chip had fallen out and was the source of the problem) so instead we bargained with the salesperson and made a variety of jokes about buying one or another and asking for discounts because the included lock wasn't working, and then of course getting the discount! And Kate S. was there too (again, randomly; I say that not that she wanders town at random but that it was not a pre-arranged get-together) and so we all enjoyed the fun bargaining atmosphere.
  • At the big supermarket in Santa Rosa, evidently Fridays and Saturdays they usually have free samples of a lot of things, so as I was shopping I was munching on this and sipping on that. I'm never going to shop on any other day of the week.
  • I participated in salsa night in Gracias at Guancascos, and didn't trip anybody or fall myself. I did manage to always creep back towards the wall and have to readjust towards the center of the room, but I think I have the basic motion down. Nacho salsa is great, but this is surprisingly fun as well.
So that's it, just a series of great happenings, any one of which would be smile-worthy, and the whole series of them is simply fantastic. It's been a long time since so many things went so right for me all in the same day, but here's to hoping that it's a frequent occurrence from here on out.

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