Friday, January 04, 2008

Trip summary: New Haven!

After arriving in the U.S. on December 13, I arrived in Chapel Hill after the interment on December 15 and spent two tranquilo days at home, mostly reviewing the 18 months' worth of mail and other assorted junk I hadn't had a chance to look at since June 2006. Then I flew off Monday morning for New Haven to hang with Ted a bit.

Compared to Texas, North Carolina is somewhat in the North, and within the territorial limits of the People's Republic of Chapel Hill, the ambiance feels very culturally northern, but crossing the 40th parallel reminds you what it is to be a Yankee, especially when there's snow on the ground.

The New Haven Green might more properly have been renamed the New Haven White, at least temporarily, for the 2-3 inches of snow that had fallen and the thin layer of ice that had frozen over. I had a great time talking on the phone with various people while faux-ice skating (skittering on the icy layer in my sneakers).

I crashed at my brother Ted's room at Yale, which was lovely but, um, cozy (not to say cramped), especially with me taking up the couch. His roommates all seemed like terrific guys and tolerated me well, given that it was a tight fit as is and it was finals time. One night Ted took me to the Saybrook basement and cooked up some delicious Japanese-inspired soup. On other occasions, I ate at local eateries and at the Saybrook dining hall, which memorably featured a waffle iron that would inscribe a big Y on your breakfast. Deliciously Ivy League!

During the days I mostly wandered around and appreciated the urban infrastructure and architecture.

I also saw what exhibitions and museums were open on that, a week with a low density of events. But the Peabody Museum and its dinosaur collection were great as ever.
Then it was time to get the train to the city.



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