Thursday, January 03, 2008

To-do list for the next two days

What's on my agenda before I head back to Honduras:
  • Shop for new clothes
  • Restore Thunderbird data from backup CDs circa July 2006
  • Get iPod headphones replaced (hopefully for free) at the Apple Store before the cord snaps
  • Review and upload photos from Philadelphia/New Haven/New York/Washington/Delaware/everywhere etc.
  • Print photos of my Educatodos students at Wal-Mart or similar place
  • Write more for this blog, including post the sonnets I was going to write to sum up each week I am here
  • Help make reservations for mom and dad's trip to Honduras in April
  • Download podcasts re: Iowa results!
  • Call various friends while I'm still in USA cell phone territory.

Happily done already:

  • Sketch out itinerary for 4/08 trip
  • Eat way too much
  • Sit on the Internet for hours on end



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