Friday, January 04, 2008

Sonnet for the first week

I had the (brilliant/stupid) idea to sum up each week or segment of my vacation with a brief sonnet (Elizabethan, of course), but naturally wound up writing only one. Here it is. (I wrote it in about 20 minutes, working on it off and on while helping Ted with that soup.)

As I step out of Yale's art gallery
The sun is long descended from my view
Is over now my second day of three
But still I find so much I'd like to do.

The snow, once ankle-deep, is swept away
What's left is capped with a thin sheet of ice.
When there I dare to tread my legs just splay:
The kind of stuff we never did at Rice.

The Yalies' shadows fall on ivied walls
In this semester's final grueling week
The books are cracked within these storied halls,
Upon the lavish tables made of teak.

Behold the busy students walking past!
My visit: not the first, and neither last.

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