Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Groping for a grocery grommet

San Manuel is not the kind of place where you can very easily (er, ever) buy many things. The pulperias (think campo convenience store) unfailingly stock Pepsi, nachos, ramen noodles, candles, soap and other cleaning products, some cheap cookies and crackers and such staples as sugar, rice, beans, cornmeal for tortillas. Beyond that, though, you pretty much have to cart it in yourself from elsewhere. Gracias has some things here and there while Santa Rosa has more products scattered among fewer stores and they have them on a more consistent basis.

So that is the background as I brought up a loaf of bread from Santa Rosa to make toast, sandwiches or whatever it might turn out to be. Unfortunately, after two hours crammed into the overhead luggage racks on the bus, it emerged at my house a little worse for wear.

Say what you will about tortillas (especially the corn tortillas which are more common here than the wheat tortillas I prefer), they do travel better.

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