Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Everybody has AIDS awareness!

After only one year-plus of planning (the health center kept falling through on me), I finally gave my chit-chat charla (presentation) on HIV and AIDS to a group of people at the San Manuel health center. These folks are leaders in their communities (outlying villages) and the health center, funded by the Honduran Ministry of Health, regularly uses them as conduits for various information such as what vaccines are available and, in the case of mandatory vaccinations, is able to follow up with parents if their child hasn't received all the required shots.

My camera was running out of battery so I only got two shots of the event but here they are.

The people seemed really receptive and even though it was just about a pessimal space (when they asked me to do this, I had envisioned the nice quasi-auditorium multi-purpose room about 10 feet away, not a windy exterior patio) I think they heard what I said and internalized it. We played a game where six people interpret the role of (a) the human body, (b) white blood cells, (c) the HIV and (d) ordinary sicknesses like diarrhea and the flu. At first the white blood cells are able to act as the body's bodyguards against illnesses (mock fighting each other) but then HIV kills the body's defenses, leaving it vulnerable to banal illnesses such as those and Kaposi's sarcoma. It was fun for everybody to see these older ladies mock pummeling one another and I think it drove home the epidemiological message, too.

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Hello, i am julia and i see your blog and it is very interesting, your work is very voliuntaroso, and la gente como dices necesita saber muchas cosas sobre la enfermedad y hay muchas dudas todavia, o algo mas, tambien me gusta el Jazz!!!

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