Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Getting carded by the PC police

I don't particularly like writing about my tech problems here (it is pseudo-cathartic but off-topic and makes my own tech savvy look lacking), but I'm imagining that perhaps the reader (joke stolen from NPR's It's All Politics podcast) will have an idea to solve this. I bought a PC card replicator to replace my now-defunct two USB ports on my laptop, but it's a non-name brand item and the mini CD which allegedly contains the necessary drivers doesn't have the right ones. Downloads from the VIA site (the putative manufacturer) haven't helped, and searching the Web for the model (4603V) yields zero results. So I may just tough it out, return this to the store in San Pedro Sula, and get a new one in the U.S., or maybe something else. You don't care, so I'll change the subject.

If I didn't mention it before, (0r rather, didn't mention it to you) I'm going to be in the U.S. from December 19 to January 5, so give me a call on my U.S. cell phone and we'll burn up all those Cingular rollover minutes. If you're lucky and going to be in selected cities on the Eastern Seaboard, we can even meet up in person.

That's all for now. I would like the reader to note that I really enjoy coming up with these semi-witty titles, and I hope he or she enjoys them.

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Blogger Hellen said...

hi ian, excited to hear that you will be in the US for the holidays. but sad that we will probably brush shoulders again. i'm going to LA on 12/19, staying for a week, and fly to Pittsburgh. are you coming to Pgh at all? if so, let me know. safe traveling and stay warm + happy :)

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