Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Not quite the Four Seasons hotel

I in Santa Rosa for a quick vaccination and because of my bus schedule, I have stay the night. I had thought that for a one night trip, I might be able to go without my duffel bag and might squeeze one change of clothes into my L.L. Bean school-sized backpack. (If I were going to buy supplies/pack for Peace Corps again, I would bring a decently large backpack that would hold 3-5 days' worth of clothes.)

Anyway, I get a text from Cathie that says that some people might get together and play soccer tonight (we're not, as it happens) and then I realize that while it is 55 degrees Fahrenheit in San Manuel, it could be closer to 80 in Santa Rosa, and who knows what in Gracias. So I bring a big sweatshirt and all that, and then other clothes in case I get nasty and sweaty playing soccer or jogging or whatever we have.

So even if I did think I was absolutely crazy in packing a knit wool sweater back in June 2006, I have used it, and it's necessary in the dangerously quixotic weather of the mountains of western Honduras. Any time you go anywhere, I feel like I need to pack for all four seasons, or at least three and a half (crazy though the meteorological phenomena here, snow and ice are truly rare). And that makes packing light kind of tricky/impossible.

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