Monday, October 22, 2007

If this is a test, I will pass, but it may be a low pass

So I'm in my house on Saturday night listening to music on my computer's iTunes when, bam, the sound stops. It's not a power outage, so I go and see what's what. After trying 3 or 4 different devices in the ports, it seems that my ThinkPad's USB ports (both of them) are out of commission. Everything else seems to work, so I don't get too worked up about it.

I had to come to Tegucigalpa (whence I write) for a meeting, so last night in my hotel I get out my Swiss Army knife's screwdriver and take different user-servicable parts apart in the interest of perhaps finding an easily-solved issue and rectifying it myself. I don't find any such option, so I stick the hard disk back in and reattach the keyboard, etc. Then I plug it in and press power and... nothing. The basic power light comes on but not the "CPU active" light or anything else. No spash screen. No error beeps.

I don't think my hard drive is broken and I have a backup as of Thursday night, so not all is lost. But this is frustrating, especially given IBM ThinkPads' alleged reputation as being "solidly built, dependable and innovative" and my similar computer drama of last year.

Watch this space.

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