Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Computer crisis over, resume normal activities

So I took my computer to the IBM office here in Tegucigalpa and they told me that
  1. I had simply replaced my memory chips slightly off-center, so that was the cause of that problem, and
  2. that the thing that controls my USB functionality is totally burnt out and it would cost $600 to replace. Having priced new laptops yesterday and finding eminently suitable alternatives from Lenovo at $670, it was an easy decision to decline that option.
  3. They also wanted to replace my battery for only $260. That was another easy decision to decline.

I was kind of prepared to go into a song and dance about how they should not charge me some huge diagnostic fee (a smaller one would suffice) but then they said it was on the house, so that was awesome. I bought a PCMCIA USB adapter for Lps 595 and we're back in business. So hurrah!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simplifies life, having people there who can actually deal with problems like this. Glad it all worked out.

5:48 PM  

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