Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Messaging me!

At some point I think I mentioned in an email or something that you can send me text messages on my cell phone through the Tigo website and I had committed to eventually sending you more detailed instructions. So here they finally are!

1. Go to www.tigo.com.hn .
2. Look for the messaging interface (it may come up automatically) or if not, go to the top bar, select "Mensajería" and the sub-option "Envío de Mensajes."
3. Leave the 504 prefix alone, and then type my phone number (98660060), and fill in your name in the "de" box.
4. Click "Adicionar." (This is important, and the main reason I couldn't get it to work for myself.)
5. It will register me as the recipient and you as the sender, and then you can type your message to me in the top white box and send them by clicking "Enviar mensaje."
6. If you keep the window open, I am able to respond, and my responses should appear in the bottom of the two big white boxes.

So that's it!

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