Monday, July 23, 2007

Calendarial cogitations

In what is beginning to be a pattern for me, I noticed that two Saturdays ago was July 7, 2007 A.D., or 7/7/07 as expressed in shorthand. I clued in on this last year for 6/6/06 and made note of that back then--it's OK if you're impressed.

So with the number seven's connotations of luck, it seems that if there ever were a day to have extraordinary luck, 7/7/7 would be it! But--in another feat of being able to look at a calendar--last Friday was July 13, 2007 A.D., an instance of Friday the 13th! How about that! A potentially auspicious day and a traditionally unauspicious day within a week of one another. Will wonders never cease?

Trivia about 777 (perhaps interesting only to JBass): Nevada wanted to have its new expansion area code be 777, to go along with Las Vegas' slot machines' payout number and general sense of being a place where with some luck, you can strike it rich. (Florida's "Space Coast" got the vanity area code 321 while the area around Seattle's Boeing plant doesn't have 747.) But the powers-that-be at the NANPA say that area codes can't have the last two digits be the same because those patterns are reserved for special uses only (think 411, 911, 800, 866, 888, 900, etc.). So they did about the nearest other combinations of digits, but I wouldn't be very excited to see 775 or for that matter, 702 line up on my one-armed bandit.

Trivia about Friday the 13th: It was on Friday, October 13, 1307 that Philip IV of France arrested the Knights Templar (whom he feared were in a position to challenge his royal authority), tortured and subsequently had them executed. Like you cared.

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