Monday, April 16, 2007


I was walking along Sunset Boulevard from the Village back to Phillip's house this evening and if you've ever walked it, there seems to be an interminable number of cross streets before I could get to my destination, Ashby Street. Or anyway, they seem interminable late at night when you have to go to the bathroom. (Phillip, by the way, deserves a special thank you shout-out for allowing me to sleep on his couch and monopolize a large corner of his living room for the past two and a half weeks, as well as give me rides and loan me his car, all above and beyond the call of duty.)

Anyway, I was walking and hoping that each successive street would be Ashby so I would be that much closer to my goal, but I would see landmarks (or the lack of landmarks) as I approached and conclude that "this isn't it." The street signs were obscured by the trees and the dark, so sometimes it was a mystery. But as I crossed my fourth (of six) streets, I couldn't see the sign, but I said to myself, "This is Hazard, I guess."

Hazard, I guess! Hazard a guess! How about that! It seemed funnier at the time.

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