Friday, April 27, 2007

Grammatical goody two-shoes

Obviously when writing for publication, it's desirable to follow grammar rules. But what about in informal writing (this weblog, for instance) or in speech? I've been very self conscious lately about speaking and trying to avoid ending a sentence a preposition with. If I do it, it sticks out very prominently in my mind as grammatically incorrect but if I say it the right way, it not only usually takes longer but (and this is where I'm not sure) makes me sound strange. As I think about it now, perhaps my desire to speak correct Spanish is transferring over to English and I want to demonstrate my understanding (as one of the Peace Corps Spanish teachers characterized it). So if you're one of my recent interlocutors and have noticed this and perhaps been put off by it, let me know. Or if you like it! That's fine, too.

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