Sunday, April 08, 2007

Christus surrexit!

Happy Easter! This was my first Easter celebrated at a Buddhist temple, which I did at Koya-san, where my family had stayed the night. This year, Easter coincided with Buddha's birthday, though
at the temple I didn't notice any particular mention of this, though not speaking Japanese, I'm not sure I would have anyway.

Today started at 6 a.m. with a Buddhist chanting morning prayer service. You should not be surprised to learn that it was performed neither in accordance with Rite I nor Rite II. It was a long series of chanting in Japanese (presumably; Ted says it was unintelligible, to him at least) but I had the happy thought that they had might as well be chanting the Exultet or Victimae Paschali Laudes for all I understood (though I didn't hear any Alleluias, which are generally the same in any language). It got a little long and to keep my mind from wandering too far, I ran through the Pascha Nostrum a few times in my head, in keeping with the day. They then gave us breakfast, which was, to say the least, unlike any other breakfast I have ever had and unlike any I am likely to have again. On the whole, it was certainly a different experience.

I'm heading into Tokyo Wednesday, but will be in and around Kyoto for the next while. Lots of temples in this area. Here's a hint: red (vermilion) means Shinto and brown means Buddhist (remember the B's are linked and you've got it down).



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