Saturday, January 13, 2007

Things that happen to me

I thought it was worth noting several of them.
  1. I saw a guy in a Steelers jersey yesterday. And then someone on TV last night, in a crowd. It always makes me feel good; that I'm not so provincial. (See this posting.) Back in August, I saw a guy wearing a jacket with "North Allegheny" on the back. I see people wearing UNC paraphernalia every once in a while. Very commonly, tough-looking campesinos will have stuff like "University of Virginia Cheerleading" on their jackets.
  2. Watching Latin American VH1 last night, one of my buddies noticed (or had noticed) and commented that all the commercials are for VH1. Not for other products but just for other shows on VH1, or they're surreal ads for the network itself. How about that. It's really bizarre to see it.
  3. There is a guy in this Internet cafe with a guitar (a friend of the guy on duty, I imagine) with a guitar, and he is playing random and somewhat annoying riffs on who knows what. But every so often for the past hour or so, he's played the introductory sequence to Stairway to Heaven. And he gets it pretty good, but then can't continue. He probably doesn't know the words, and almost certainly couldn't translate them into Spanish. But, ah, there he is playing it again. It is somewhat amusing.

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