Monday, December 04, 2006

Happily, it’s not quite weather for skiing

Lately in San Manuel it’s been cold, which for here means bottoming out at about 50° Fahrenheit. And it feels almost right. After all, November and December are supposed to be cold, gray months.

Back in the U.S., I would think nothing of that kind of weather, but unlike, say, Pittsburgh, houses here have no heating system and no real insulation. And no glass windows, which means that either I shut myself in and close the wooden windows or I am subject to cold drafts winding their way through the house, and lately I’ve been inclined to shut myself in.

How cold is it? Well, the few nights before Thanksgiving, I bundled up in a sweatshirt and a knit hat before jumping in my sleeping bag, which I covered with no fewer than four other blankets on top. And with that, I was at a good temperature, but it was no fun to get out from it all in the morning.

More recently, it’s been somewhere in the low 60s Fahrenheit, but the locals still consider this to be bitterly cold. Seeing me walk around in short sleeves, they always ask me if I’m cold, and even if I am, my usual answer is “not really.” To reprise one of my classic responses to winter-shy Texans who would note me wearing shorts on cool Houston days, I sometimes tell them that where I’m from, people go swimming when it’s as nice as this out.

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