Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Because I know some of you are probably anxious to see what things look like here in Honduras, here are some photos of places around La Esperanza.

There is a park/public square at the center of town, in good Spanish colonial city planning fashion. The main church of the town is on one side of the square, and the other main public buildings are elsewhere on the square, including the main police station, the Hondutel office (think Baby Bell Central America), the Honducor office (Honduran post office) and the town hall.

Here is a typical street scene from La Esperanza. Though at first navigating without street names or numbers was frustratingly near-impossible, I think most everybody has got the hang of it. (It appears that many of the streets do in fact have names, but nobody seems to know them or use them, and the signs with street names painted on some corners to indicate, for instance, Avenida Calvario, are apparently quite recent.)

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