Monday, March 20, 2006

City of Brotherly Love and meeting up with the family

In Philadelphia, I started out by going with a friend to Smokey Joe's tavern, where apparently everybody at Penn goes every Tuesday night. The next day, I slept in and then just went around different places in the city. It occurred to me that one of the great virtues of being laid out in the 18th century is that it is built very much on a human scale, walkable completely within an hour or so. I marked it out on a map later, and I think I walked close to 8 miles that day. It was lots of fun, but I was ready to sit down after that, which I did, at possibly the most stereotypical Italian restaurant in the city of Philadelphia.

The next day, I did a bit of touring of the National Constitution Center and then took Amtrak down to Wilmington, whence I met my aunt for a dinner with her and a bunch of family members in suburban Aston. After a fun few hours, I was back on the train to Center City.

My last day in Philadelphia, I started out walking about the Old City, trying to see more of the "Greatest Hits" from HART 360. Around lunchtime, I met my brother and we went on the tour of Philadelphia City Hall, which was a visit to a most beautiful Beaux Arts building, led by quite a character of a tour guide. After we took the elevator up to the tower, we went over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where we not only saw a bunch of famous art, but also caught a jazz ensemble for their weekly Jazz Night. So that was cool.
Then it was off to Hyde Park, the home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. I suppose it's their job there to make it as interesting and moving as possible, and the good old National Park Service, once again, meets and exceeds my expectations.

And then it was Amtrak from New Haven...

... to Boston. And back to Houston.



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