Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Going in, coming out

I don't know how long this business with the picture will last, but it seems to be fun for now.

I am into my final hours on winter break before I head back to Rice for my (gasp) last semester. I have been reflecting on the many ways that I am different than I was when I started my first semester, and a partial list follows.

Things I've learned about at Rice that I didn't then:
  • Latin grammar and structure
  • Architecture and urban planning
  • The South in general
  • Southern Politics in particular
  • Political philosophy
  • Economics
Some other things I have come to realize since I was a freshman:
  • YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly pays less than minimum wage to do some detestable jobs
  • NPR just keeps on getting better
  • Laundry can't be rushed
  • Packing can be rushed (and it will be today)
So no major insights for now, but in my strange obsession with parallelism, this seemed like an interesting exercise. Perhaps I'll be back with more later. Don't count on it.

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