Friday, June 03, 2005

Ferocious squirrels

So for Mother's Day this year, my dad and brother got my mom a birdfeeder to hang over the back deck. They mounted it on a piece of wood angled out from the porch to discourage squirrels from getting to the birdseed.

But a few resourceful squirrels have done their best to confound us and get to that birdseed, and they've managed to do some impressive damage to the feeder.

First, they've chewed away at the plastic dish that serves as the lid to keep the squirrels away from the birdseed. Not all that impressive, until you see the size of the hole and realize that there is really no good way to get themselves there except by hanging over precariously.

Perhaps more perplexingly--and certainly more bizarrely--is the fact that the squirrels have gotten through, on the other side of the dome, and chewed down the edges of the top level of the main cylinder of the feeder. Because the whole lower part of the feeding apparatus is suspended from there, we decided to reinforce it with duct tape and some wire. But in the week since we put it up, they've chewed even the duct tape away! (Though it must be said that they're making little inroads against the steel wire.) To do this, though, they must literally bend over backwards above a 15 foot drop, with no obvious place to attach themselves. This is really weird.

Pictures are below. You've got to see it to believe it.

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